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Wild Rice Java

Wild Java rice is a great side dish for any grilled or roasted meat.

Sizzling salmon with Fried Wild Rice

Simple and easy yet aromatic fried wild rice that will make every family's favorite meal.

Creamy Mushroom & Bacon Wild Rice

This recipe goes so well with grilled sirloin steak with gravy.

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

This hearty soup is great for cold weathers and gives warmth to the whole family.

Tomato and Wild Rice Soup

This warm tomato and wild rice soup is a simple and budget-friendly dinner idea.

Wild Rice Summer Salad

A great holiday salad or a perfect weekend brunch to impress!

Wild Rice Muffins

The unique nutty flavour of cooked wild rice makes it an ideal addition to all your favourite muffin and loaf recipes.

Steamed Wild Rice Cake

This recipe is an organic take on the famous Filipino dessert called Puto. These are soft, tasty and delicious on their own especially if topped with melted cheese.

Wild Rice Creamy Fruit Dessert

Wild rice adds a new twist to any creamy fruit dessert!

Puffed Wild Rice Treats

A delicious crunchy treat of a puffed wild rice combined with butter and marshmallows.

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