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Based in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, Northern Lights Foods markets Organic Wild Rice around the world. Our product is available in bulk and retail packages.

Northern Lights Foods has been in the wild rice business for over 40 years and was rewarded with a prestigious award of Best Export Company and continuous economic development of the region and its people. In 2012, Northern Lights Foods changed ownership but remained dedicated to the development of harvesters so that we still supply high quality first and secondly, quantity to our ever growing markets. We work closely with Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) for continuing market development.

Northern Lights Foods is fully committed to organic quality and sustainable resources and providing increased opportunity for northern residents.

We are proud to carry the Canada Organic logo as proof of the high standards set out by international inspectors and are certified by TransCanada Organic Certification Services (TCO Cert). TCO Cert has its roots in one of the oldest certification bodies in Canada, is member owned and controlled, chapter based and fully accredited as a certifying body under Canada’s Organic Regime (COR).

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